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Intel® VTune™ Performance Analyzer for Linux*

Intel® VTune™ 8.0 for Linux*

Overview: Identify and Resolve Performance Bottlenecks

Intel® VTune™ analyzers help locate and remove software performance bottlenecks by collecting, analyzing, and displaying system-wide performance data down to the source level.

VTune Performance Analyzer is a robust, enterprise-grade solution that can handle even 100MB+ executables. It can analyze applications on all sizes of systems based on Intel® processors, from embedded systems through supercomputer systems.

Optimize Linux* applications with the premier tuning tool for Intel® architectures. Use Intel VTune Performance Analyzer for Linux, with a fully-integrated Eclipse*� graphical interface hosted on IA-32 and processors with Intel® Extended Memory 64 Technology (Intel® EM64T) to maximize performance with ease.

Features and Benefits

-  Platform flexibility - TThe latest Intel processors are supported, including Intel® Itanium® 2, 64-bit Intel® Xeon®, and Intel® Pentium® 4 processors, as well as the Intel® Pentium® M processor, a component of Intel® Centrino® mobile technology§
-  This fully Linux*-based solution offers the flexibility of the Eclipse GUI on IA-32 and Intel EM64T, plus a powerful command line interface on IA-32, processors with Intel EM64T, and Itanium-based systems. An Eclipse GUI native on Itanium-based platforms will be available in early 2006.
-  Event-based, system-wide sampling provides developers with the most accurate representation of their software’s actual performance, with negligible overhead.
-  Call graph profiling offers a pictorial view of program flow to help you quickly identify critical functions and call sequences, gaining a high-level, algorithmic view of program execution.
-  Command line capability allows developers the flexibility to collect sampling and call graph data through a choice of scripting languages including PERL*.

What’s New in VTune Performance Analyzer 8.0 for Linux

Fine-tune your code on Intel architecture throughout the development process with the latest Intel VTune Performance Analyzer 8.0 for Linux:
-  Finding your bottleneck is easier than ever. Get a list of the five most time-consuming functions with one simple dialog box. Clicking on a function name displays the source and shows the code that is taking up the most processor time.

-  VTune now supports Linux 2.6 kernels and MontaVista Linux* Carrier Grade Edition. Installation has been greatly simplified and automatically downloads drivers for new kernels.

-  Large system support is even better with the addition of multi-user Call Graph and per-CPU Sampling buffering. Up to 4096 processors are supported.

-  Remote analysis is now more secure. Users without appropriate access rights will not be allowed to access or profile the remote system.

-  Performance tuning in a secure environment just became a whole lot easier. Call Graph can now analyze secure systems with read-only file systems.

-  The VTune environment’s display layouts have been improved based upon user feedback. Finding the right information is now faster and easier than ever. In addition, a new "getting Started" document lets users become productive quickly, with a short "hands-on" tour.

-  VTune is integrated with the popular Eclipse 3.1 development environment, which includes context-sensitive hint panes to help users become effective quickly with important tips and explanations.

-  VTune supports the latest Intel processors, including those with Intel EM64T.

PERFORMANCE: Expose Bottlenecks and Hotspots

VTune Performance Analyzer for Linux offers you a view into the Linux application, exposing bottlenecks and hotspots in the code, allowing you to easily pinpoint areas in the code that can be improved. Your Linux application can gain outstanding performance, providing a competitive advantage. Improve application performance on Intel architectures with these optimization features:

COMPATIBILITY: Supports Intel® Architecture-Compatible Processors

Use VTune Performance Analyzer for Linux to speed applications for a variety of supported environments:

SUPPORT: Intel® Premier Support

Every purchase of an Intel® Software Development Product includes a year of support services, which provides access to Intel® Premier Support and all product updates during that time. Intel Premier Support gives you online access to technical notes, application notes, and documentation. Install the product, and then register to get support and product update information.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Refer to Intel® Software Development Products Web site for details on system requirements for VTune Performance Analyzer for Linux* at

§ Wireless connectivity requires additional software, services or external hardware that may need to be purchased separately. Availability of public wireless access points is limited. System performance, battery life and functionality will vary depending on your specific hardware and software.

† Technical support for Eclipse is not provided by Intel. For more information on Eclipse, please visit the Eclipse Foundation* Web site.

Intel provides both the tools and support to enhance the performance, functionality and efficiency of software applications. Compatible with leading Windows* and Linux* development environments, Intel® Software Development Products are the fastest and easiest way to take advantage of the latest features of Intel processors. Intel Software Development Products are designed for use in the full development cycle, and include Intel® Performance Libraries, Intel® Compilers (C++, Fortran for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS*), Intel® VTune™ analyzers, Intel® Threading Tools and Intel® Cluster Tools.

The Intel® Premier Customer Support Web site provides expert technical support for all Intel software products, product updates and related downloads. For additional product information visit:

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* Other brands and names may be claimed as the property of others.

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