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Intel C++ & Intel Fortran for Linux with Cluster OpenMP


OpenMP* is a high level, pragma-based approach to parallel application programming. Cluster OpenMP is a simple means of extending OpenMP parallelism to 64-bit Intel® architecture-based Linux* clusters, with only slight modifications to the code.

Cluster OpenMP use requires that you have a license for the Intel® C++ Compiler for Linux or the Intel® Fortran Compiler for Linux. The Cluster OpenMP license can be purchased separately from, or together with, the compiler license.

Benefits of Cluster OpenMP

Portability and flexibility makes development for cluster computing easier and less expensive

-  Simplifies porting of serial or OpenMP code to clusters.
-  Allows use of the same code for serial, multi-core, and cluster applications.
-  Requires few source code modifications, which eases debugging.
-  Allows slightly modified OpenMP code to run on more processors without requiring investment in expensive Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP) hardware.
-  Offers an alternative to MPI that is easier to learn and faster to implement.

Cluster Computing Cost Comparison

When to use Cluster OpenMP

Applications that pore through large amounts of data to extract information are especially well-suited for Cluster OpenMP. This includes programs that scale successfully with OpenMP on SMP, have good data locality and that use few locks and synchronization.

Examples of applications that are ideal for Cluster OpenMP:

System Requirements

Cluster OpenMP for Intel C++ Compiler for Linux

Important: Cluster OpenMP requires that you have at least version 9.1 or higher of Intel C++ Compiler for Linux installed.

Cluster OpenMP for Intel Fortran Compiler for Linux

Important: Cluster OpenMP requires that you have at least version 9.1 or higher of Intel Fortran Compiler for Linux installed.

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